img equipment cs

Curing of Specimen

Curing of concrete test specimen standard curing tank fabricated from Zinc galvanized metal sheet. Options include fitting of re-circulating water pump and accelerated heating system.

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Core Drilling Equipment

Coring specimen in concrete structure and road pavement, by electrical driven motor portable unit. Models available for 100mm diameter and 200mm diameter. Diamond core bits are a three piece modular, consists of a core adaptor, core tube and core bit (100 or 150mm Ø)

img equipment dof

Digital Oven & Furnaces

A general purpose laboratory apparatus used for testing soil, aggregates, concrete and asphalt samples. Confoms to EN, ASTM and BS stardard. Thermostatic PID control and digital display.

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Load Rings

Clamped boss load rings are available in the range 1kN to 50kN capacity. All clamped boss load rings are calibrated in kN and supplied with calibration chart with conversion for kgf and lbf has accuracy within ±1% of indicated load.

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