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Chloride field test system

Determination of the chloride ion concentration in concrete to enable the identification of the risk of chloride induced reinforcement corrosion.

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Chloride penetration meter

Evaluation of chloride permeability characteristics of concrete. The test is performed to monitor the amount of electrical current passing through concrete cores or cylinders. A potential difference is maintained across the ends of the specimen, one of which is the negative end and is immersed in a sodium chloride solution, the other (positive end) in a sodium hydroxide solution. The total charge passed, in Coulombs, that is related to the resistance of the specimen to chloride ion penetration, is measured.

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Cover meter

Designed for extreme ease of operation for the measurement of the depth of cover to steel reinforcement in concrete. Also incorporated are bar detection and bar sizing facilities plus a range of invaluable functions for use in reinforced concrete condition surveys and check measurement.

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Crack monitoring

In-situ evaluation of stress, structural inspection, structural monitoring the following range of instruments can measure geometric or physical parameters such as displacement and deformation. The complexity of the instrument or system selected can be varied according to the level of sophistication required. This may cover the measurement of a single parameter such as crack width, up to a multiple structural monitoring system.

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