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These items are used to obtain samples that adequately represent each surface material that is significant to the project design and construction.

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C.B.R.California Bearing Ratio Equipment

Field & Laboratory Test Set
CBR field and laboratory test set is used to perform CBR in-situ test on road construction which enables the bearing capacity of soil to be determined quickly and efficiently for prompt result. The CRB in-situ jack assembly can also be mounted on a simple manual version of conversion frame for measuring CBR values in the laboratory.

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C.B.R.California Bearing Ratio Equipment

C.B.R Equipment  use in evaluating subgrade & subbase course materials in road construction.

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C.B.R.California Bearing Ratio Equipment

C.B.R Loading frame & Presses
An essential part of infrastructure construction , where result on soils, crusher-run and sub-grade material helps to design and monitor quality control.

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Automatic compactors allow uniform and correct compaction of Proctor and CBR samples. All moving parts, the hammer-lifting device and the rotating mould table are fitted with safety guards that, if open, stop the machine automatically for operator safety. The compactor can be used with all 4" and 6" moulds.

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Vibrating Hammer
Used for compaction of proctor and CBR soil specimens.

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Front loading Oedometer
Determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of soil when it is restrained laterally and subjected to a number of successive increments of vertical loads.

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Three places consolidation load frame
Perform the consolidation stage of three triaxial specimens at the same time for CU and CD tests.

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Continuous consolidation apparatus
Perform continuous consolidation tests in conjunction with a traditional compression machine generally used for triaxial tests.